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The ‘Ramsey Rocket’ aka Conor Cummins is usually known for his skill and speed, racing on two wheels, but this year he is becoming known for his passion for beans rather than bikes. Conor’s career roared into view in 2006, the year that saw him pick up fastest newcomer at not only the TT, but also the Northwest 200 and Southern 100, as well as winning the Newcomers’ race at the Ulster GP all at the age of 20. In 2009 Conor finished the Senior TT in second place and matched that position in the 2014 Senior Race.

2015 saw Conor launching his roving barista business with the same passion and energy as he throws a bike around the famous TT circuit, albeit not with quite the same amount of risk.
This is serious for Conor, having looked into starting the business for over three years. Conor did not follow his business venture straight away due to his committed attitude, the timing wasn’t right for him and having the outlook that “if you can’t do something right, don’t do it”.

During some time in Australia, Conor’s interest in the potential business venture was re-kindled due to the large amount of coffee shops there, “I was in Australia in January and there are coffee houses galore, so I started to look again.” The ‘Ramsey Rocket’ did a lot more than just look though, he studied the intricate and precise art of coffee-making and went on a marketing course, to ensure he was well equipped for the business venture.
Conor, is dedicated to the venture and has invested his own money into the business and is well aware that it all rests on his shoulders.
Conor trades outside Shoprite in Victoria Road, Douglas. He has reached an agreement with the store to operate the stand on certain days throughout the year. Standing six feet four inches tall, the well-known and beloved TT rider is not only instantly recognisable, but also stands taller than his Piaggio Apé, which he works from! Due to this countless bike and coffee enthusiasts alike are drawn to Conor’s stand during his lunchtime session, to sample not only the fresh coffee, but also Conor’s motorsport stories.

Not only is Conor’s knowledge of the processes and ingredients of coffee-making extensive, the end-product is always made to an impressive high quality. Conor is very serious about the quality of his product. Due to it’s mobility , he can take his business where he likes, be it one-off events, regular selling locations or even to the office, but he knows that if he doesn’t serve a quality product, his name will only take him so far.
Along with his racing endeavours Conor has found 2015 to be the year in which he realises his business dream. Conor says: “My racing is the ultimate priority and always will be, but at the same time I wanted to run a business as well and this is what I am doing now.

It has given me great focus for the two, because when I am not on the bike I am serving coffee, running my business. When I am not making coffee, I am in race mode.”
Whether he is racing or selling coffee, Conor continues to pursue each endeavour with the same passion and enthusiasm.